BOY Small Injection Molding Machines – Innovative Into the Future

When you need a small injection molding machine or a micro injection molding solution with clamping forces up to 110 tons, BOY Machines is your answer. For more than 40 years, small injection molding has been our specialty. It's what we do every day. We don't split our focus between large and small injection molding machinery because we concentrate on machines up to 110 tons. We're the experts in micro-molding and small injection molding equipment and processing.

Whether you are an experienced manufacturer with questions about how to create a product or someone new to the injection molding industry, BOY can help with consulting, testing, and optimizing turn-key equipment solutions. At BOY, we deliver exceptionally reliable high precision machines, fast service and expert staff.

Quality Injection Molding = Consistent High Quality Products

We know the biggest issue with manufacturing small parts is part quality consistency. How do you get more parts manufactured in a shorter timeframe with higher quality consistency? BOY's reliable systems are what you need when you're looking to bring your manufacturing in-house. Our small injection and micro injection molding equipment has provided consistent quality for our customers' applications year after year – 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

BOY Machines' injection moulding machines provide you with cost-effective turn-key solutions. We offer:

Since 1968, BOY has set the standard for precision injection molding with its proven design and reliability. Time hasn't stood still at BOY. With an active Research & Development team, BOY has kept at the forefront of technology – from fully-integrated automation to the latest in energy efficient, cost-effective injection molding machines.

Software and user interface improvements provide a user-friendly, picture-driven, intuitive controller similar to a touchscreen smartphone. There are no learning curves to impact productivity on the floor. We've even loaded the manual into the controller so there is never a need to search for documentation!

Learn more about our easy to use controllers and energy efficient hybrid servo drive machines and discover what they can do for your manufacturing efficiencies.

Special Application Injection Moulding Equipment

From standard horizontal injection molding machines, metal injection molding machines to insert molding machines and micro molding, BOY's product lines serve a wide variety of custom applications. Our customers work with many types of materials to produce a wide variety of high quality products. With BOY Machines, you're not limited by your material choices.

BOY's machines excel in processing materials from the typical thermoplastics to the more exotic thermoset, elastomers, ceramics and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). When customers have questions on how our machines perform with certain molding materials, we consult with them to run tests, answer questions and optimize injection machines for their specific applications.

Injection Molding Consulting

We believe that a customer's success is our success and we work to ensure your needs are met – from well before you take delivery to after-sale parts and service!

We start by understanding what you want to do and give you solid advice on exactly how to accomplish it. Whether you need help with tooling, ancillary equipment or materials, we're happy to share our knowledge with you.

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